Hang a chandelier from the ceiling and bathe your room in an elegant sparkle and warm glow. Hang an item from the Chandelier Redux Collection around your neck or wrist and bring that same sparkle and glow to your own beautiful self.

Created from hand-selected vintage chandelier crystals artistically set into ornate silver settings, these stunning pieces attract attention and admiration the way diamonds do, but in a greener, more humane and value-conscious package.

Because the Chandelier Redux raw materials are sourced in small batches from estates, historic buildings, chandelier dressing businesses and other worldwide locations, each piece is a limited edition. The crystals dictate the ultimate shape and feel of the finished jewelry that seamlessly merges the timeless and today. Worn in statement-making piles or as a singular, signature statement Chandelier Redux pieces hold their place amid formal gowns or everyday denim with equal comfort.

Share your secret. Proclaim your desire. Dare to become the word you wear from this well-spoken collection of bracelets and necklaces.

The Autograph Collection revels in the lost art of handwritten sentiment. Pieces feature words and images extracted from vintage autograph books dating from the Victorian era to the 1970s. Slip these pieces around your neck and wear your heart over your heart where it belongs, not on your sleeve. Or let them adorn your wrists in the form of a refashioned vintage watch or ID bracelet with its compartment containing your secret message.

Ladysmith can also custom-create an Autograph Collection piece to feature your own autograph, a mother’s necklace complete with children’s birthstones or whatever image touches your heart.

“I realize that much will be asked of me, yet I am resolved to accept it as a great and splendid task.” So said Beatrix, Queen of the Netherlands. Each glance at the regal Crown Ring encircling your finger or the Crown Earrings gracing your earlobes can remind you that though much is asked of you, too, you can rock it all in royal style.

These brilliant pieces are hand-composed of ornate, custom-forged settings that evoke the noble headpieces of kings and queens. Beautiful gemstones nestle within the crowns in a blaze of sparkle and elegance. Add a regal band of gold, silver or a combination of gold and silver to create a gorgeous Crown Ring.

These rings take on even more luster and power when stacked upon one another or worn on multiple fingers. Millimeter by millimeter, Crown Rings and Crown Earrings are a work of art worthy of the royalty you are. And isn’t feeling royal the greatest and most splendid task of all?

Birds construct their nests one twig and string at a time, carefully interweaving their materials into a sturdy home balanced upon outstretched tree branches. The same organic, meditative approach informs the creation of the Nests and Branches Collection. These intricate rings, bracelets and cufflinks are hand-woven using a proprietary technique developed by Ladysmith from sterling silver, gold, or mixed metals, mimicking the “found material” construction of bird nests.

What makes a person memorable? The wholly unique combination of their mind, body and spirit. What makes the Forget-me-not Collection memorable is largely the same. These necklaces come to life through the artful combination of disparate found elements: a length of chain here, a crystal there, perhaps a custom-engraved ID bracelet panel and always a vintage forget-me-not flower or plaque from forget-me-not bracelets popular during World War II.

As such, no two pieces are -- or could ever be -- exactly the same. Forget-me-not necklaces are meticulously composed of fragments Ladysmith has been collecting for years.

Each piece is expertly constructed and custom fit to the wearer so that it is perfectly balanced and will lay beautifully despite the different weights and textures of the materials. And because each piece is made from scratch, your options for customization are nearly limitless, guaranteeing you’ll never be forgotten.

It’s a good day at the Ladysmith studio when Amy is able to look at abandoned objects she acquires and repurpose them into her work, bringing out their beauty again. And she can do it for the heirlooms, broken bits and under appreciated jewelry in your personal archives, too.

Custom pieces usually start with a pile of stuff – inherited pieces with more sentiment than style, faded and too-small childhood jewelry, a broken chain, a batty Aunt’s costume jewelry collection, unstrung beads or a purchase that never quite looked right.

Collaboration with the client comes next to help Amy understand the client’s personal style and the parameters of reinvention for the given piece. Some clients want to see the original jewelry in the new piece, others are happy to have it there in spirit. Amy expertly evaluates stones and materials to separate what’s prime for repurposing from what’s better off recycled.

Then the magic begins. Design concepts are presented, discussed and finalized with the client. Using her metalsmithing training, Amy meticulously excavates any stones or other usable components from the original jewelry. A true couturier, Amy fits the final piece to the wearer so that it is sized perfectly, lays beautifully and is absolutely right.

The skills of metalsmithing include decoding complex mathematical equations, imposing science on rigid metal to make it malleable, envisioning the future, creating it and saving the world from artless, mass-produced accessories.

It is nothing short of super-hero work.

These tough but girly, simple but eye-catching pieces reflect all that effort and are Ladysmith’s modern take on a style that was popular among the Victorians. Wrap a Victorian Revival Buckle Bracelet or three around your wrist and transform yourself from Mild-mannered Girl on The Go to All-powerful Force to Be Reckoned With as you access your own personal super power whether it’s fighting crime, answering e-mail or driving carpool. Deceptively light-weight, the patterned-metal bracelets are available in all silver, all gold, or a silver/gold combination. And while they fit in with whatever you are wearing, they always ensure you stand out in the crowd.

Victorian Revival Buckle Bracelets might just be what Wonder Woman wears on her day off.